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Night Two Port Royal Speedway

Sep 13, 2015

Mother Nature was the winner on Saturday delaying the 48th annual “Tuscarora 50” at Port Royal Speedway. On Sunday evening forty-one UNOH All Star and PA Posse cars showed up for a shot of the $12,000 purse in front of stand full of race fans.

 Greg was looking to improve on Friday night’s results. He qualified 23rd, finished 6th in  his  heat and was forced to run the second 10-lap, B-Main where he needed a top two finish to gain a transfer spot into this historic 50-lapper. Starting from the 3rd spot, Greg quickly moved to the front and maintained the top spot finishing in 1st.

 With that finish the w20 gained a starting spot in the “Tuscarora 50” but would start deep in the field outside the 11th row in 22nd.  From the drop of the green the Hercules Tire, DNC Hydraulics, Ohio Logistics, All Star Plumbing, Gear Alloy Wheels, Bedford Valley Petroleum backed w20 was ‘hauling the mail’ and moving forward picking off cars lap-after-lap. At the drop of the checker flag, Greg had earned the ‘Hard Charger’ award by passing 18 cars and finished in 4th.

“This was a great night for our team,” said Greg. “Finishing in 4th after starting so deep in the field with this type of competition gives a fella a pretty good feeling that you’re doing something right. This Kistler powered Maxim was fun to drive tonight. The Port Royal group did an amazing job with this track both nights.”

“I want to congratulate Brent Marks and his team. Winning both nights is quite an accomplishment and one he should be proud of. I’ve really enjoyed our weekend over here. The fans over here in PA are awesome…the track was great…it was just a good weekend for our team. I look forward to getting back here next year,” added Greg.

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